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TELUS Impact on the five Key Health Issues

Chronic Disease Management

The cost of chronic illness, disability and death in Canada is estimated at $80 billion.

For example, diabetes affects three million Canadians, cardiovascular disease is the underlying cause in death for one in three people, and cancer represents at least nine per cent of total healthcare costs across the country – and this is just a snapshot.

At TELUS Health, we know that the most effective chronic disease management programs are patient-centric, encourage self-management, are built on evidence-based outcomes, and are supported with leading tools and technology.

That’s why TELUS Health offers:

  • Electronic Medical Records: Capturing, organizing and displaying patient data in a customizable, user-friendly way – aiding in identifying those at risk, and those requiring routine screening.
  • Personal Health Records (PHR): Sharing data securely between patients and healthcare professionals and giving patients a way to manage their own health.
  • Remote Patient Monitoring: Allowing physicians to closely monitor patients – no matter where they are located.
  • OACIS Clinical Information System: Providing a consolidated patient history leveraging existing health infrastructure in a way that gives clinicians access to the most timely, accurate data right at their fingertips.

Medication Errors and Non-Compliance

Adverse drug effects, prescription errors and patient non-compliance are widespread issues across the country: about 40% of hand-written prescriptions have errors, up to 50% of patients do not take medication properly, and 20% of prescriptions are not filled at all.

In fact, the most common reason for a visit to the hospital’s emergency room is bad medication management. An equally important issue is that drug costs are continuing to escalate rapidly – putting pressure on patients, employers and governments.

At TELUS Health, we know that clinical decision support capabilities can optimize drug selection for patients, enable easy identification of drug interactions, ensure appropriate therapy management, and overall, deliver greater patient outcomes.

That’s why TELUS Health offers:

Long Wait Times and Poor Access

More than 1 billion diagnostic events, 30 million doctors’ office visits and 3.5 million surgical procedures are performed annually in Canada. Almost all of these appointments are booked manually, resulting in delays, errors and an enormous clerical burden, as well as poor continuity of care.

In fact, about 33% of Canadians say they are unhappy with wait times and access to care and the country continues to obtain very low scores in international rankings.

That’s why TELUS Health offers:

  • iScheduler: Simplifying access and increased visibility of information for organizations, allowing more efficient coordination of time, people and resources.

Lack of Focus on Prevention and Patient Self-Management

Canada lags behind with respect to providing tools and technology to help patient self-management, and inform patients about their lifestyle, medication and treatments. Though the system is falling short, Canadians are still waiting for this technology: 66% want remote and home monitoring technologies that can help them make more informed decisions, and more than 60% have confirmed their desires for an EHR.

Online health tools are available to help individuals maintain healthier lifestyles, understand their risks for chronic disease and other conditions, modify their behavior in order to mitigate the risks, and, if they have an illness, tools to help them effectively manage it.

That’s why TELUS Health offers:

  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR): Capturing, organizing, and displaying patient data in a customizable, user-friendly way – aiding in identifying those at risk, and those requiring routine screening.
  • Personal Health Records (PHR): Securely sharing health data between patients and healthcare professionals – the PHR is a user-friendly, online solution that gives patients a way to manage their own health and participate in clinical decision-making.

The Need for Performance Improvement

The majority of healthcare happens at the community level, in isolated patient encounters with health professionals who operate separately from one another. This leads to a financially inefficient system: On average, national spending on healthcare has been increasing eight per cent each year over the last decade.

Because of this, Canada’s healthcare system also fails to provide equal access to high quality care.

Much-needed change is possible through technology, and TELUS Health is uniquely positioned to drive this type of innovation by partnering with key professionals across the health sector:

  • Solutions for Pharmacists: TELUS Health’s Pharmacy Management Solutions offer medication management tools for pharmacists to run a better business and place care right into patients’ hands.
  • Solutions for Physicians: TELUS Health Solutions for Physicians promote collaboration across the care continuum, accelerating efficiency, increasing patient satisfaction and improving patient care.
  • Solutions for Allied Healthcare Providers: Helping to streamline business operations and make benefits claims management easy, TELUS Health offers a range of solutions for Allied Healthcare Providers such as chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists and more.
  • Solutions for Health Regions, Hospitals and Homecare: Focused on the entire care continuum, TELUS Health provides quick access to vital data through a full range of solutions that encourage collaboration and increase efficiency.
  • Solutions for Insurers and Employers: TELUS Health helps make the process of benefits claims management more efficient for companies, insurance providers and their plan members.
  • Solutions for Workers’ Compensation Boards: TELUS Health provides a customizable, secure, seamless electronic claims process that provides employees with quicker payments, resulting in better work outcomes, reduced administrative costs, reduced healthcare costs and increased workflow efficiencies.
  • Solutions for Consumers: Taking advantage of next-generation technology, TELUS Health empowers Canadians to better manage their health, as well as the health of their loved ones, at home and wherever life takes them.

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