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Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Developed by physicians for physicians, TELUS Health electronic medical record (EMR) solutions improve collaboration, enhance patient outcomes and provide access to critical patient data anywhere, anytime. Our EMRs support healthcare professionals with what they need to deliver optimal health outcomes at the point of care.

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EMR Mobile

The TELUS Health EMR mobile application lets you capture medical information, quickly view patient records, directly phone a patient or access the data stored in your EMR anywhere, anytime. Real-time data from your existing TELUS Health EMR system is securely viewable on your Mobile device.

KinLogix EMR

KinLogix EMR is a cloud-based solution used in medical clinics that captures, organizes and displays critical patient data in one integrated patient record, while improving efficiency of administrative tasks and care delivery, further enriching the patient-physician encounter. The solution’s core benefits lie in its simplicity: one patient, one record, one complete integrated history.

Med Access EMR

Med Access is a web-based, highly configurable Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution that is well regarded for its strong clinical content, outcomes dashboards, and configurability to individual clinic and user preferences and workflows. A strong choice of both specialists and primary care physicians, Med Access is deployed across Canada in settings ranging from solo practices to medical schools to province-wide EMR collaboratives.

Medesync EMR

Medesync is an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution built for doctors by doctors, with modules for scheduling, prescribing, clinical encounter note-taking and much more. Medesync offers a clean web-based interface that gives you access to your medical records from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

PS Suite EMR

PS Suite is a powerful, intuitive Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution that captures, organizes and displays patient information in a user-friendly way. Designed by physicians with the input of thousands of GPs and specialists, PS Suite has been a top choice for physicians in Ontario and Western Canada since 1982.

Wolf EMR

Wolf is a cloud-based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution that captures, organizes and displays patient data in a customizable, user-friendly way. It’s a powerful search and clinical decision support tool that produces customized queries and creates alerts at the patient level. Wolf's genius is its simplicity: one patient, one record, one complete and integrated history.

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