Solutions for Pharmacists

Pharmacy Management

With pharmacy management solutions, not only can you automate and simplify the day-to-day operations of your pharmacy, you will also have the tools you need to provide professional, personalized care based on your patients’ needs and conditions.

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Pharmacy Management

Assyst Network Plus

Designed specifically for pharmacists’ unique needs, Assyst Network is a cost-effective way to transmit data and other transactions over a dedicated, private and secure high-speed network.

Assyst Point-of-sale

Software designed to help manage front-store items, including integrated high-speed debit/credit authorization, wholesale catalogues, accounting, customer loyalty, home medical equipment and more.

Assyst Point-of-sale (Qc)

Software designed to help manage front-store items. Assyst Point of Sale is designed to help you manage the growing needs of your pharmacy and is easily integrated with your existing applications.


An intelligent pill dispenser that reminds patients to take the right medication at the right time, as indicated by the pharmacist.


A Canadian pharmacy management solution that enables pharmacies to conduct, automate and optimize their operations. From to-do lists and reports, to digital signatures, customizable workflows and more, Kroll is a feature-rich solution designed to support and strengthen your pharmacy operations.

Pharma Space

An online platform that enables pharmacists to better communicate and collect information from patients, as well as offer a series of value-added services to help them stay healthy.

Prescription Renewal Manager

Streamline your daily pharmacy workflow and make your patients’ lives easier. Fully integrated into your TELUS pharmacy management software, the Prescription Renewal Manager will optimize your workflow.

Rx Vigilance

A powerful decision support tool that provides on-demand access to relevant and up-to-date clinical and pharmaceutical information intended for healthcare professionals.

Ubik (Qc)

Developed to serve as a clinical support tool for pharmacists, Ubik leverages innovative technology that allows you to consult all relevant information at-a-glance to optimize the effectiveness of your patient interactions.

xPill PHARMA (Qc)

Centred on collaboration with retirement home staff, this solution includes pharmacists in the medication management process, specifically through the transfer of clinical data.

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Pharmasave National Conference

April 23rd to April 25th, 2019

Toronto, ON

This year’s event is being held at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre in Toronto, ON. The event will highlight the best in retail and drugstore industries and provide vendors with a one-stop access to key decision makers. It will also give Pharmasave members the opportunity to make significant purchases for their retail stores. http://www.pharmasaveconference.comRead more

PharmaChoice National Trade Show

May 23rd to May 25th, 2019

Calgary, AB

Now in it’s 21st year, PharmaChoice and HealthMed are excited to host the PharmaChoice National Trade Show at the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre, in Calgary Alberta. Join 800 stores across Canada and learn about integrated pharmaceutical health services and patient engagement across the continuum of healthcare. https://www.pharmachoicetradeshow.comRead more

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