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Claims and Benefits Management

Claims and Benefits Management

TELUS Health offers a complete selection of claims and benefits management solutions that provide an efficient and cost-effective way for insurers and care providers to manage drug, dental and extended health claims as well as workers’ compensation billing.

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Satisfy more clients, in more ways with our Adjudication and Claims Payment product. Accelerate your profit potential.


A bilingual, user friendly web-based application that gives you complete control over the management of your group benefits administration.

Benefit plans services

Increase choice for your members and grow your bottom line.

Dental Claims

Reap the benefits of point-of-service claims processing with a cost-effective, efficient and easy way to electronically manage claims.

Drug Claims for Insurers

An easy, cost-efficient way for insurers to manage both exchange and real-time adjudication of drug claims between pharmacies and insurers on behalf of plan members.

Drug Coverage Validation

Improve the plan members' experience by providing physicians insurance coverage information right at the time the prescription is being written

eClaims for Insurers

A secure system that directly links plan members and insurers for streamlined point-of-service claims processing, faster payments to providers and increased accuracy.

Extended Healthcare Claims

An effective way for insurers to provide more value to their plan members while enabling healthcare providers to offer reimbursement for patients at the point of care.

Flexit360 for employers

Make benefit selection and administration easy for you and your team with our web-based interface allowing for convenient and comprehensive access to your group benefits plans.

Mobile Claims

Provide your benefit members with a simple and elegant mobile tool for their claims.

Online benefits enrolment

Gives insurance carriers the ability to support plan sponsors in designing and managing their benefits plans, whether traditional or flexible, in one convenient and comprehensive place.

WorkSafeBC providers

TELUS Health and WorkSafeBC launched the WorkSafeBC Provider Portal to help injured workers receive faster referrals to the healthcare resources they need to facilitate their recovery. The portal supports electronic referrals, report submission, online invoicing and access to claim and payment information.

WSIB eServices

TELUS Health works closely with the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) to provide Ontario’s 27,000 healthcare and medical practitioners with a web-enabled bill management solution that offers a faster process for submitting health bills on behalf of patients.

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