Support documents for pharmacists

Drug claims FAQ

How do I get a provider number for my pharmacy?

What do I say to my customer when a claim is rejected?

Who may call the Pharmacy Support Centre for assistance?

What is the average call duration?

How many calls does the Pharmacy Support Centre receive each day?

How important is date of birth?

When I call the Pharmacy Support Centre to verify a date of birth, why won’t they give me this information?

Why is the relationship code important?

Why did I receive a “Correct Days Supply” message when processing a claim?

Is this compound covered or not covered?

How do I submit a compound?

How are dispensing fees handled?

What happens when a pharmacy’s usual & customary fee changes?

I paid more for a drug than TELUS Health allows, what do I do?

What cash payments can pharmacists collect from customers?

Are there pricing concessions that pharmacists need to pass on to customers?

Why is payment sometimes reduced on the claim a pharmacy submits to TELUS Health?

Is the name on the Assure Card® always the same as the cardholder registered under the plan?

My customer isn’t happy with their claim adjudication, who should they speak to?

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