TELUS brings blazing fast Internet speeds right to your practice!

Enhance your productivity, improve reliability, and the overall clinic experience with access to revolutionary new fibre optic technology – our fastest Internet yet.

See what TELUS PureFibre can do for your practice

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See what TELUS PureFibre can do for your practice

TELUS is pleased to bring you fibre optic technology to help your clinic operate faster and more efficiently. TELUS PureFibre gives you improved reliability, faster connection speeds, and the ability to improve the practice of healthcare and transform the patient experience. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Work at consistent high speeds, even during peak business hours1
  • Work faster and more efficiently with quick upload and download speeds
  • Simultaneously use multiple applications and services like EMR, credit and debit card billing, video streaming and web surfing
  • Keep your clinic always connected in the rare event of an outage with 4G failover to the high-speed wireless network
  • Futureproof your clinic to be able to meet the growing demands of the digital world

Now, put your TELUS PureFibre to work!

Now that you have the speed and power of TELUS PureFibre for your practice, make the most of it by expanding your clinic’s capabilities with TELUS products:

  • Business Optik TV from TELUS keeps your patients entertained and informed in your clinic.
  • TELUS Business Connect enables better communications so that you and your staff can answer the call – from any place on any device – even after hours.
  • TELUS Health EMR solutions are powerful, intuitive clinic management systems for primary care providers. Visit to learn more about our solutions for primary care providers.
  • TELUS eClaims allows you to direct-bill insurance companies on behalf of your clients with a fast, easy and accurate electronic claim solution. Learn more at
  • TELUS Pharmacy solutions automate and simplify the pharmacy’s day-to-day operations while providing professional, personalized care based patients’ needs and conditions. We’re also pleased to offer the award-winning Pharma Space, helping pharmacists communicate with patients, renew prescriptions, and increase the pharmacy’s efficiency. Learn more at

TELUS PureFibre Internet

Get great savings with special pricing on fibre Internet plans for six months5. Add a new TELUS service such as Optik TV, and increase your savings term to 12 months!

Choose the plan that suits your clinic’s needs:

Fibre Internet 15
$35 / month5
(Regular price $60/month)
  • All included features
  • Unlimited high-speed Internet in your office
  • Up to 15 Mbps download and upload speed
  • Optional 4G failover wireless backup for $10/month with purchase of smart hub for $149.99
Fibre Internet 50
$45 / month5
(Regular price $85/month)
  • All included features
  • Unlimited high-speed Internet in your office
  • Up to 50 Mbps download and upload speed
  • 4G Failover wireless backup included7
Fibre Internet 150
$85 / month5
(Regular price $125/month)
  • All included features
  • Unlimited high-speed Internet in your office
  • Up to 150 Mbps download and upload speed
  • 4G Failover wireless backup included7
Features included in all plans:

  • TELUS Wi-Fi service for your customers at no extra cost3
  • 10 business email accounts with 5GB of storage
  • 2 dynamic IPs (upgrade to 5 static IPs6 for $12/month)
  • 24/7 technical support
  • TELUS security services to protect up to 5 PCs from viruses, spyware and other threats
Business Optik TV™ service with TELUS PureFibre Internet.8Business Optik TVprovides entertainment for patients while they wait or for your employees’ staff room.Choose your plan:

Business Optik TV Basic
$25 / month
Package features:

  • Over 64 local and U.S. channels with a minimum of 20 in HD
  • The option to connect up to three TVs per plan9
  • A rich, interactive, on-screen programming guide
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Built-in picture-in-picture
Business Optik TV
$40 / month (for 6 months)10
(Regular price $50/month)
You get all the Basic package features plus:

  • Three (3) theme packs of your choice
  • 1 digital (wired) set top box10
Customize your TV experience for your business with these add-ons:

  • Additional theme packs for $10 each per month
  • Stingray Music for $20 per month
  • Additional wired digital box rentals10 for $5 each per month or purchase for $150
  • Wireless digital box rental10 for $5 each per month or purchase for $150. Use of wireless digital box requires 1 Wireless Access Point (one-time device purchase price of $100) per business location.11

Business Connect™ phone system that runs over TELUS PureFibre Internet. 

Manage all your communications from your desktop, office phone and mobile devices with the TELUS Business Connect™ solution.

With a dedicated fibre connection you can simultaneously use multiple applications and services with extreme clarity at blazing fast speeds with our most reliable and consistent Internet connection.

$125 / monthReceive $30 off your core seat for the first 5 months
(total of $150 bill credit applied over 5 months).
TELUS Health EMR users save $250.
  • Business Connect standard features
  • TELUS PureFibre Internet connection with up to 25Mbps download, 5Mbps upload speeds4
Business Connect standard features include:

  • A main local number for your business.
  • A toll-free number with 1,000 minutes.
  • Unlimited calling across Canada and the United States2.
  • Calling features including voice manager, auto-attendant, parked calls, recorded greetings, call forward, call flip and customized answering rules
  • Audio conferencing – Host an audio conference with as many as 1,000 participants – anytime, anywhere – across multiple devices. Find out more.
  • Business Connect Meetings – Host face-to-face meetings across multiple devices for 4 participants depending on your plan, anytime, anywhere. Find out more. Upgrade your plan to get up to 50 users/meeting
  • Business Connect Mobile App – Receive and place calls, play and forward voicemails and view faxes on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Call management and administration access including call logs.
  • Google integration – Combine TELUS Business Connect with Google Apps such as Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Drive and Hangouts to enhance your productivity. Find out more.

Add additional users for $30 each/month

Each user has access to all the advanced features that come with the standard plan with the exception of an additional toll-free number and fibre Internet connection.

“We were finding that in the past our internet service was really slow and would be down from time to time. Since we had TELUS PureFibre™ installed, at the Osoyoos Medical Centre, we can’t believe what a difference it makes to our physicians, administrative staff and ultimately to our patients. Much faster file transfers, and downloading. I would absolutely recommend other practices install Fibre,”

- Angie Rosin, Office Lead for EMR and IT, Osoyoos Medical Centre.

“We have been impressed with the speed of TELUS PureFibre ™ to our new clinic. We are a cosmetic medical practice and we collaborate with patients on a variety of treatments, and we usually show our patients ‘before and after’ photos. These files are large files and the high speed of the TELUS PureFibre now means significant time savings for both myself, my staff and my patients making for a more efficient clinic day. Fibre has truly made a huge difference!”

- Dr. Praven Chetty, Medical Director & Founder, Cerulean Medical Institute, Kelowna, BC.

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Product Terms & Conditions:

1. Speed and signal strength may vary with your configuration, Internet traffic, server, environmental conditions, applicable network management or other factors.

2. Using your TELUS Business Connect TM phone number. Business Connect calling requires a fibre internet, Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. Data charges may apply.

3. TELUS Wi-Fi service is available with TELUS Fibre Internet plans for small business. Available in select regions in AB and BC. Each location must serve customers in their location to qualify. TELUS Wi-Fi will be installed at locations able to access speeds of at least 15Mbps download and 1Mbps upload. Final qualification will be determined at the time of order provisioning and credit qualification will apply. All users connecting to the TELUS Wi-Fi network will need to sign in to the registration portal with their email address and accept the Service Terms to access the service.

4. TELUS Fibre Internet speed availability is based on the plan chosen and will be determined at the time of order provisioning.

5. Available to new TELUS high speed internet customers only.

6. For service plans with Static IP Addresses, a computer or device will have a Long Lease IP address; however, it must be requested via DHCP. TELUS does not support hard coded IP addresses. Publicly assigned Static IP addresses are not available.

7. 4G failover offered with Fibre Internet, Fibre Internet Plus, Fibre Internet Professional services includes 1GB of wireless backup per month and a $0 device free. If termination of the TELUS service occurs within the first six (6) months of the term, the customer must pay TELUS the current fee for the Smart Hub device.

8. TELUS Business Optik TV only available when bundled with TELUS Fibre Internet with a required minimum upload speed of 25Mbps. TV service bundle supports up to 3 digital boxes. Each TV requires 1 digital box. Incremental service plans must be purchased for additional TV sets. Due to broadcast restrictions PVR is disabled. Video on Demand is available for private viewing only.

9. Installation includes up to three TVs conditional upon the use of the existing TV outlets and telephone/modem jacks and the customer agreement to the service terms and conditions. Current installation promotion of $49.95 available until April 30, 2016. Installation $150 regular price resumes after April 30, 2016.

10. Rental equipment must be returned upon cancellation or termination of service.

11. Access point provides wireless connections for up to 3 wireless digital boxes. Power supply required. Component cables (included) are used to connect each digital box to a TV. Wireless signal range will vary and can be affected by conditions in the business, including interference from other electronic devices and the materials used in construction. Digital boxes are not weather proof and should not be left outdoors or exposed to water. Adequate signal transmission is required within the business location and will be tested by a TELUS representative before installation.

TELUS reserves the right to modify channel lineups, packaging and regular pricing, without notice. HDTV-input-equipped television required to watch HD. Minimum system requirements apply. Final eligibility for the services will be determined by a TELUS representative.

* Traditional copper wire or copper wire hybrid networks are subject to capacity constraints and environmental stresses that do not affect TELUS fibre optic technology which is based on light signals. Not available in all areas.