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Telemedicine now available to QSHG members for their residents and employees

March 30, 2020

MONTREAL, March 30, 2020 /CNW Telbec/ – Members of the Quebec Seniors’ Housing Group (QSHG) can now provide their residents and employees with a telemedicine service. A recently signed partnership agreement between Groupe Cloutier Benefits and Medisys, supported by TELUS Health, enables deployment of a solution that is highly appropriate in these times of confinement brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Telemedicine lets patients use secure text or video messaging to consult a health professional via an app installed on a telephone, tablet or computer. This technology makes it possible to treat non-urgent physical and mental health problems remotely, with no travel required. Users can also have their prescriptions filled or renewed, and obtain referrals to specialists or requests for laboratory analyses.

Seniors’ homes subscribing to this telemedicine service agree to bear the costs during the pandemic. This means that residents and their spouses, together with employees, their spouses and their dependent children, can avail themselves of the service free of charge throughout this highly difficult period. Subsequently, these people will be able to continue to receive the service at a very affordable cost. Deployment of the new solution will be handled by teams from Groupe Cloutier Benefits, the QSHG’s partners for group insurance.


“The health and well-being of seniors and those who provide them with daily care in residences are of special importance in the COVID-19 crisis we are going through at this time,” explains Yves Desjardins, President and CEO of the Quebec Seniors’ Housing Group (QSHG). “We believe that the introduction of telemedicine will bring our member homes some very welcome peace of mind, and that the benefits of this technology will continue to be appreciated even after the situation has returned to normal.”

“We are immensely proud to support the QSHG in this important project,” continues Patrick Cloutier, President and CEO of Groupe Cloutier. “The implementation of telemedicine in the current turbulent times cannot but have a positive impact on all the residents and employees of QSHG members. In particular, it will allow consultations and treatments to continue seamlessly in this period of social distancing. Everyone should have access to this service.”

“For Medisys, communication between health professionals and patients is a key factor in improving health care,” adds Michelle Cialdella, Vice President, Operations, Medisys. “We believe that this technology will play an important part in providing health care for all Canadians. This agreement between Groupe Cloutier and the QSHG shows that in the COVID‑19 context, proactive management is the way to go. The telemedicine services we provide will further enhance the experience of residents of the Quebec Seniors’ Housing Group.”

About the Quebec Seniors’ Housing Group

The QSHG is a non-profit organization of private seniors’ residences with 790 members. These residence managers and owners administrate some 98,000 rental units across Quebec. The QSHG’s members offer a quality living environment to independent seniors as well as care and assistance services to those with some loss of autonomy.

About Groupe Cloutier Benefits

Groupe Cloutier Benefits is a division of Groupe Cloutier Inc, a large financial services firm with over 40 years of experience specializing in individual insurance, investments and retirement, and group insurance and pensions.

SOURCE: The Quebec Seniors’ Housing Group

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