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GroupHEALTH clients across Canada can now benefit from electronic claim submissions at the point of care

July 9, 2018

By adopting the TELUS Health eClaims service, participating healthcare providers and plan members can expect a best-in-class digital claims management experience with improved convenience, security and efficiency

Surrey, B.C. – The GroupHEALTH Family of Companies is announcing today the launch of a new electronic claims submission option for select healthcare providers: the TELUS Health eClaims direct billing service. This best-in-class digital claims management solution delivers an experience with improved convenience, security and efficiency for all participants.

Plan sponsors at GroupHEALTH, Manion Wilkins & Associates and GroupSource can now allow their members to have their claims filed electronically right from their participating health care provider’s point of service. Health care professionals can now offer to bill patients directly as well as submit and manage their claims submission through the TELUS Health eClaims service. As a result, patients enjoy the convenience of paying only the portion of a claim not covered by their insurance when they get the service, thus eliminating cumbersome insurance paperwork and reimbursement delays.

“The GroupHEALTH Family of Companies is committed to offering a best-in-class benefits experience. By offering the TELUS Health eClaims service, we have expanded our claims submission suite of services and improved the convenience, security and efficiency of submitting claims,” said Matt Houghton, President and CEO of The GroupHEALTH Family of Companies.

TELUS is a leader in Canada’s claims and benefits management sector, providing drug claims processing for over 12 million Canadians. TELUS Health eClaims has experienced rapid adoption by the extended healthcare community, with close to 50,000 healthcare providers now using the service.

The new option is available for a wide variety of health practitioners including: physiotherapists, chiropractors and vision care specialists, as well as acupuncturists, massage therapists, naturopathic doctors, psychologists and podiatrists regulated by the appropriate provincial or federal organizations.

“The TELUS Health eClaims service simplifies the claims submission process so that patients can spend more time focusing on their health and less time with insurance paperwork. Our strong relationships with insurance providers and health care professionals across Canada are helping to achieve better health experiences for all Canadians,” said Luc Vilandre, Vice-President, Health Benefits Management and Payment Solutions, TELUS Health.

About TELUS Health and Payment Solutions

TELUS Health is a leader in home health monitoring, electronic medical and health records, as well as consumer health, benefits management and pharmacy management solutions. TELUS Health leverages the power of technology to enable better health outcomes for Canadians with innovative digital solutions that enable collaboration, efficiency and productivity for physicians, pharmacists, health authorities, allied health care professionals, insurers, employers and citizens. TELUS Payment Solutions complements our health solutions by delivering secure, industry-compliant payment and lending solutions that connect lenders, payors, insurers, extended health care providers and financial institutions to their customers across Canada.


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