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January 7, 2016

Hélène Chartier
Vice-President Go-to-Market, Strategy & Enablement
TELUS Health

At TELUS Health, we are passionate about enabling sustainable healthcare delivery in Canada. In 2015, we published several articles to share insights and ideas that provoke new ways of thinking, spark discussion, and inspire action.

What follows is a summary of the topics we covered over the course of last year. As we embark on 2016, we want to hear from you. What has inspired you about healthcare delivery in Canada? Where do you see opportunity to drive meaningful improvement into healthcare delivery? What topics would you like to read more about? Please take a few moments to share your thoughts by taking this short survey.

2015 at-a-glance

Provincial Spotlights

Healthcare transformation: spotlight on Quebec
In this article, Hélène Chartier, Vice-President Go-to-Market, Strategy & Enablement looks at Quebec healthcare in the midst of sweeping and dramatic change. In it she notes how Quebecers are highly receptive to embracing digital healthcare and conditions are aligned to start seeing real change in the province.

Alberta’s tipping point: a new era of digital health connectivity?
Alberta’s foundation of health IT is ahead of the curve and positions the province to lead a new era of digital health delivery. In this article, Dave Wattling, Vice-President and General Manager, Enterprise Solutions poses the question: “will Alberta leverage its investments to move past the tipping point?”

Connecting to community: BC’s profound healthcare shift
While the term “patient-centred care” may sound like rhetoric, in British Columbia, it is a movement that is building momentum and bringing more care into the community. In this article, TELUS Health’s Kathryn Seeley, Director, Health Enterprise Business Development and Shannon Malovec, Principal, Transformation Services interview BC thought leaders from the Ministry of Health, Vancouver Island Health Authority, University of British Columbia, as well as a patient-partner. Together they discuss how the patient-provider-system relationship is evolving to one of greater partnership and collaboration and is achieving a positive shift in how healthcare is delivered.


Personalization paradigm: what molecularly tailored medicine means
The topic of personalized medicine is attracting a lot of attention in the scientific community and represents a new paradigm of diagnosing and treating disease, which comes with many as-yet unresolved concerns. This article, by Brendan Byrne Chief Innovation Officer, is a primer on the promise of personalized medicine.

Three mobile trends healthcare providers need to know
The healthcare sector is not exempt from the disruptive impact of mobile and is moving in this direction. In this piece, Vincent Ng, Health Business Consulting Senior Manager discusses how mobile devices offer the potential to shift from reactive to proactive care delivery.

Achieving Hospital IT Excellence

Managed IT services a boon to Canadian hospitals
Will Canadian hospitals accept a private sector organization to manage their applications for a clinical solution, as have their US counterparts? As hospitals across the country face the need to replace their legacy hospital information systems, Dave Wattling, Vice-President and General Manager, Enterprise Solutions looks at how partnering with private sector organizations can result in world-class, affordable and sustainable solutions.

Three strategies to make change happen in clinical environments
Healthcare is a tough sector in which to implement technology and manage change. Getting change right with clinicians is often where health IT projects fall down. In this article, John Ronson, Strategy Practice Leader and Justin Kim, Senior Consultant with TELUS Health Transformation Services present three core strategies for successful change and look at how both McGill University Health Centre and Virginia Commonwealth University Health System got change right.

Examining Tough Issues

Canadian Healthcare 3.0: getting there with patient engagement
Making Canada’s health system sustainable is of primary concern to health leaders across the country. As various players in the health sector take on pieces of this challenge, ‘patient engagement’ is centre stage. TELUS Health President, Paul Lepage, looks at what patient engagement really means and why it is gaining importance in Canada as it is globally.

Why ePrescribing in Canada needs a kick-start
In Canada, conditions are ripe for ePrescribing. The technology exists. Practitioners and patients want it. And no regulatory barriers stand in the way. Yet prescribing medication in Canada remains a risk-prone, manual process. This stands in sharp contrast to the US where ePrescribing is the norm for more than 73% of physicians and 95% of pharmacies. In this article Vincent Ng, Health Business Consulting Senior Manager offers an informed perspective on ePrescribing and encourages the health system to have the courage to think differently.

Breaking through silos in the private health benefit ecosystem
In this industry discussion paper, TELUS Health’s Luc Vilandré and private health plan strategist, Suzanne Lepage explore the intersection between cost management and health outcomes. The paper draws on insights from leaders throughout the complex private health benefit ecosystem –private payors, brokers and consultants, as well as industry associations, pharmacists, family physicians and specialists.

Three questions we should be asking about workplace wellness
Do workplace wellness programs need a makeover? TELUS Health’s Chief Wellness Officer, Dr. Elaine Chin and Martha Switzer, Co-Founder of SPROUT assert that today’s programs need to progress beyond the tactical and employ innovative ways to catch and intervene with the warning signs of Canada’s three big killers: heart attack, stroke, and cancer.