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Breaking through silos in the private health benefit ecosystem

May 26, 2015

Luc Vilandré
Vice-President and General Manager, Health Benefits and Payment Solutions
TELUS Health
Suzanne Lepage
Private Health Plan Strategist


In this new 2015 industry discussion paper, TELUS Health’s Luc Vilandré and private health plan strategist, Suzanne Lepage explore the intersection between cost management and health outcomes. The paper draws on insights from leaders throughout the complex private health benefit ecosystem – private payors, brokers and consultants, as well as industry associations, pharmacists, family physicians and specialists.

The paper invites readers to consider:

  • Why bridging drug costs, health benefits and primary care is essential for Canada’s health
  • How collaboration can be redefined in the siloed private payor market
  • How technology can enable this collaboration to enhance health outcomes and ultimately reduce costs

Download the full paper to learn more