Pharmacy Management

Pharmaspace Dean Pepper

Dean Pepper

Owner, York Super Pharmacy

Pharma Space

 TELUS Pharma Space is integrated right into our Kroll computer where it runs in the background of our normal pharmacy software. It lets the patient go right into their own profile. Everything's right at their fingertips, they can refill their prescriptions 24/7. It's just one more way that we can interact with our patients ... it speeds up the whole process. It's a lot more streamlined for the patient and for us. 

pharmacy ron mack

Ron Mack

Owner, manager and pharmacist, Brunskill Pharmacy

Pharma Space

 Pharma Space offers a new way of introducing pharmacy information. This is key, as it allows us to stay on top of the business, look at new ways to provide better services to patients within our community, and stay within a reasonable budget. 

pharmacy liz parker

Liz Parker

General Manager, Homestead Oxygen & Medical Equipment Inc.

Assyst Point-of-sale

 Since adopting the TELUS POS and HME solutions, everyone at HOME has access to the invoice in real time, with no need to copy and manage locally. The entire process is ten times faster! The TELUS Saskatoon team has supported us all the way. They’re a smart group of people and work so hard. They know what to do and how to get it done. I have recommended them, and would do so again. 

Luc Martinovitch

Luc Martinovitch

Vice President and General Manage, McMahon Distributeur pharmaceutique Inc.

Pharma Space

 With our / Ma Santé website we are able to provide patients with a range of professional services that are among the most personalized in Quebec. Thanks to TELUS Pharma Space, Brunet is able to connect our pharmacists with their patients in order to better serve them, anytime and anywhere. 


 Since February 2013, Brunet, Proxim and Uniprix pharmacy customers have had access to this mobile application, which enables them to manage their own prescription drug files as well as those of family members. Over 200,000 people have used this application to order more than 2 million prescription renewals online. 

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Posted on September 18, 2013

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