Pharmacy Management



Better health outcomes

By promoting drug compliance, you can help improve patient health, while alleviating the strain on the healthcare system from preventable complications.

Better health outcomes

Easy management

Patients with cognitive difficulties have no trouble with time and dosage management. As for patients with chronic diseases, managing multiple drug therapies is a cinch.

Easy management

Personalized care

As a pharmacist, you can offer customized, professional care to your patients. Caregivers can remotely monitor their medication intake and compliance.

Personalized care

How it works


Connecting to the DO-Pill SecuR server via a patients’ in-home wireless network, the pill dispenser communicates actions, monitors habits, and reminds patients to take their medication. Any sign of medication non-compliance from them will have it:

  • Trigger a non-compliance alert
  • Send a reminder to the patient; and
  • Advise a caregiver that it’s time for the patient to take his/her medication.


Also recording time and other data related to medication intake, the dispenser allows for your patient’s drug treatment history to be accessed at any time via a secure web portal, meaning  you can:

  • Customize service based on close follow-up or patient drug compliance
  • Integrate portal access within websites to make your patients’ drug history readily available



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