Patient and Consumer Health Platforms

InstantPHR (IPHR) Toolkit

With TELUS Health, PHRs are managed through the InstantPHR (IPHR) Toolkit – a tool that allows TELUS to easily create and customize personal health applications. IPHR provides all the tools necessary to build a comprehensive health management portal. The main components of the IPHR include:

Personal Health Record

  • A robust library of healthcare tools including forms, tables, reports, charts, graphs, tracking, surveys, care plans, messaging and scheduling
  • Patients can securely* upload, download, view, modify, track and share key health data
  • Connects with TELUS health space®, powered by Microsoft® HealthVault™

The healthcare professional (HCP) portal

  • This provider platform features a number of tools including dashboards, monitoring, reports, care plan editor and messaging which allow individual care team members to customize the view of their patient population, including new data and health information
  • Health professionals can assign, modify and personalize how the patient is managing themselves outside of the care facility with the use of a Personal Health Record

The InstantPHR (IPHR) Toolkit is provided by our partner Get Real Health.

TELUS health space

  • The first Canadian online consumer health platform helping patients take an active role in managing their health, TELUS health space®, powered by Microsoft® HealthVault™, empowers users to electronically store and share health information in one secure*, private and easy-to-use place, before sharing it with family and physicians.
  • TELUS health space®, powered by Microsoft® HealthVault™, is a comprehensive solution for consumers, physicians, government and the private sector, seamlessly connecting to Personal Health Records (PHRs), Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), portable health devices, healthcare applications and existing information systems.


Easy to use by patients and providers

The PHR allows for anytime, anywhere access to the personal health record via the web using a computer, smartphone or tablet. The application allows for better tracking of health information and conditions as well as the display of health data made easy to review and understand.

Easy to use by patients and providers

Enhanced collaboration

The PHR allows for one or two-way data sharing between health professionals and patients. Both patients and health professionals can choose which data is shared. In some cases, data from the clinics’ Electronic Medical Records can be shared with the patients.

Enhanced collaboration

Easy to create and customize

Using the IPHR Toolkit, we can easily create and customise a PHR solution that meets the needs of your organisation, the profile of the population it serves and also the objectives of the initiative.

Easy to create and customize

Canada Health Infoway certified

The IPHR is certified by Canada Health Infoway as a consumer health platform. TELUS health space®, powered by Microsoft® HealthVault™, is the only general public health platform certified by Canada Health Infoway.

Canada Health Infoway certified

Respected, recognized and approved

videostill personal health records

  The TELUS PHR application for the Mental Health Engagement Network Project is a life line. This will help a lot of people. Maybe we will not hear about a young fellow or a young lady taking their lives, at least I hope so.  

Walter story
Patient using TELUS Personal Health Record

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*In compliance with the security and privacy requirements of Canada Health Infoway’s Consumer Health Platform.

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