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Group insurance plan

We are pleased to offer a great add on product for your Health Care Spending Accounts and Cost Plus on AdjudiCare. This product is a great attachment for the small groups that would otherwise have no coverage. Includes: Life Insurance, Dependent life Insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage, Critical Illness along with a component of Out of Country and stop loss. With no underwriting and a low attachment point makes this product a perfect add on for your smaller clients to give them the peace of mind.

Group insurance plan

Stop loss program

We offer optional Stop-Loss coverage at competitive rates which can reduce the plan sponsor’s risk exposure to claim coverage (losses) to a specific amount. This type of coverage ensures that catastrophic claims (specific stop-loss) do not upset the financial reserves of a self-funded plan. Stop-Loss coverage is billed as a percentage of paid claims with attachments points starting at $7,500.

Stop loss program

Medical second opinion service

WorldCare’s Second Opinion provides you with affordable and timely access to quality healthcare services through a global network that connects you to an offering of best practices used by a consortium of the highest-ranked hospitals in the world. Get the assurance you need from a multi-disciplinary review of your medical records and enjoy diagnostic information from a consortium of specialists and sub-specialists practicing at world-class institutions – all electronically connected and instantly at your service.

  • Peace-of-mind – Gain access to the very best specialists who analyze your situation.
  • Ease of access – Through the instant connectivity of electronic pathways and round-the-clock response times.
  • Team care – Get multidisciplinary input on your records from specialists who work as a team on your records – as they do on any case requiring custom expertise.
  • Quick turnaround – Get answers you can trust within four business days or less.
  • Enhanced care and maximized results – Ensure that the treatment you need with the greatest chance of success begins as quickly as possible.

Employee assistance plan

Life is complicated and the ARIVE® Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides clients with a broad range of assistance towards helping their employees cope with life and work challenges. However, we believe that this assistance should go beyond helping individual employees manage their problems to helping management as well. They are the ones who must identify and counsel those dealing with their individual situations.

The bottom line is that productivity is maximized when psychological and emotional well-being runs on an even keel. Those ‘at risk’ behaviours amongst individuals threaten to undo the entire organization, leading to lower productivity and a staffing motivational roadblock.

Out of country group travel insurance

Viator’s Group Travel is included in the AdjudiCare offering to meet the demands of business travellers who need the protection of out-of-country medical treatment and the peace-of-mind that goes with it. Comprehensive emergency medical travel coverage and assistance services are standing by for employees and their families in any time of need, avoiding out-of-pocket costs that can be as debilitating as the hurdles to getting the help you need when away from the security of travelling at home.


  • Hospital and physician fees
  • Diagnostic services
  • Emergency air transportation
  • Interpretation services and direct claims payment potential
  • Business expenses
  • Trip cancellation and baggage insurance
  • Child care
  • Coverage may be extended to retired employees
  • Two plans are available, offering varying levels of protection, dependent upon needs. Note that coverage is for groups greater than 25 employees.

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