Patient record creation and appointment management


Say goodbye to duplicates and patient record errors

Control duplicates: When creating a new patient record, retrieve the full patient name directly from the RAMQ’s database with the patient’s health insurance card number for unique patient records and accelerated appointment creation.

Transmit faxes automatically to referring doctors or pharmacists.

Use supplementary fields to capture additional information.

Appointment scheduling and calendar management

Customize the calendar display and access agendas at a glance for each clinical professional from the same screen.

With intelligent search, you can quickly find available time slots based on patient constraints.

Automatic confirmation of patient appointments by email, telephone, or text message (SMS).


Welcome patients efficiently

Identify patients by scanning the bar code on their health insurance cards at a kiosk or the reception.

The electronic pre-visit questionnaire, available on tablet or smartphone, before enables you to capture multiple data point. During the consultation, the healthcare professional validates patient data with the help of a dedicated function in the EMR.

The medical record: clinical tools adapted to you

Complete and customisable patient summary

Organise the patient summary by displaying the information boxes that are most pertinent to your practice or profession.

Lighten the administrative workload by automating recurring tasks. For example, resolved issues are systematically converted into antecedents.

From the patient summary screen, import the complete list of patient medication from the DSQ with two clicks. The therapeutic advisor instantly highlights adverse drug interactions in the patient summary.


Clinical notes – Flexibility meets rigour in patient record management

Capture notes via keyboard, shortcuts, or voice – you choose. You can add images and annotate them with a stylus or add information taken from the patient summary with a couple of clicks. The current note is always available on the right side of the screen.

Access a library of more than 2000 forms created by Medesync community members. Share, download, and customise electronic forms specific to a condition, a treatment protocol or a speciality.

Exemplary record keeping with a minimum of effort. All pertinent elements from the patient consultation, forms, prescriptions, and lab requisitions are automatically appended to clinical notes for future consultation.


Clinical reminders and results follow-up


Set clinical reminders for an optimal and proactive follow-up of patient cohorts. Ideal for managing chronic illnesses and other conditions.

The results of each exam are available at a glance. Colour codes highlight anomalies and related tasks. Use templates to quickly assign tasks to support patient follow-up.

Analyse tendencies with the clinical indicators of your choice. As an example, display data related to BMI, height, and weight as a function of cholesterol test results.

Electronic prescriptions in a few clicks

Choose the original Medesync prescription module or ZRx (ZoomMed), available at no additional fee.

The RxVigilance decision support tool instantly flags allergies or adverse drug interactions. Access codes and pre-filled forms for exception drugs.

Quickly search drugs, add favourites, or create templates to prescribe multiple drugs with a single click: the time-saving possibilities are infinite.

The insurance coverage validation tool finds the least costly equivalent medications based on the patient’s insurance coverage. (Available for patients covered by a participating insurer.)


eRenewal, exclusive to TELUS Health EMRs

With the free eRenewal service, three clicks are enough to accept or refuse renewal requests from the pharmacy. A time gain for you and the pharmacist that also benefits patients.

Put an end to phone tag, faxes, manual data entry, and transcription errors.

Fully electronic, eRenewal automatically updates the prescription renewal data in your EMR and the DSQ.

Module optimised for obstetrical follow-up

  • The four most frequently used forms are optimized for electronic data capture
  • Automatic calculation of due date
  • Transfer the patient’s weight and height data automatically
  • History of previous pregnancies and progress of obstetrical follow-ups
  • As much space as you require for recording comments
  • Optimised print layout, preserving the data integrity while respecting the MSSS’ standards.

Clinic management


SYRA integrated billing

To save time and eliminate the risk of errors, transmit billing data electronically while respecting SYRA standards. TELUS Health and its partners provide you with complete solutions to maximise your revenues based on your unique needs. Learn more

Reports and statistics

Use your EMR’s data library to generate custom reports.

Compile statistics from your clinical notes with customised forms. Leverage their more efficient coding and structure to exploit the richness of your data fully.


Administrative tools

Print custom stickers for requests, test tubes, and correspondence.

With built-in electronic messaging, communicate instantly and securely with team members, delegate tasks and follow up.

Directly create new user profiles and define access rights based on role.

Scan documents one at a time or in batches and index them based on your own categories.

Accessible anywhere, anytime

EMR mobile


TELUS EMR Mobile is a free application, now available on both Apple® and Android mobile devices, that lets you upload photos directly to patient charts, quickly view basic patient data and encounter notes, check your schedule or directly phone a patient – all in real time from your mobile device!

Already an EMR client? Download the TELUS EMR Mobile app to enhance care delivery.

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More than just an EMR: discover our additional services for clinics


TELUS Health offers a number of solutions that support collaboration and enable you to make the most of your EMR. Discover our eRenewal services, our mobile EMR application, our billing partners and more.

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