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EMRs help you care for everyone in your practice - from newborns to seniors, from the healthy to tose with complex health care needs - and everyone in between. That's why millions of Canadians count on TELUS Health to support our community-based family health providers in the supporting our day-to-day health needs.

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EMR solutions for general practitioners from TELUS Health

Every day, you're challenged to deliver high quality care to your patients in a system facing the strain of a rise in chronic conditions and an aging population. Here are just a few ways that EMR solutions from TELUS Health help healthcare providers tackle the top issues they face in their practice:

Patient population management

Knowing your patient population can be a challenge. TELUS Health EMRs give you the ability to identify your active patients by disease profile or demographics.

A well-managed patient population means higher billings, better time management, and increased efficiency for both your physicians and staff.

Comprehensive medication management

TELUS Health EMRs include comprehensive medication management tools to help support you in delivering the best care possible to your patients.

This includes critical drug interaction warnings, alerts for allergies or intolerances, options for lower-cost alternatives, and support for a wide range of dosing methods.

Sophisticated chronic disease management

With our health care system under such strain, you need tools to help improve the health outcomes for your patients with chronic diseases.

Extensive chronic disease management templates, flow sheets and care plans support your care, while ensuring you can keep up with proactive recalls and reminders.

Access to critical health information - no matter where you are

Whether you're at your clinic, at home, at the hospital or on the road, your EMR is more powerful when you can access it.

The TELUS EMR mobile app lets you upload photos directly to patient charts, quickly view basic patient data and encounter notes, check your schedule, directly phone a patient or access the data stored in your EMR anywhere, anytime – from any Apple® or Android device.

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