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Whether you're making the move from paper to EMR for the first time, or you're switching EMR solutions, we deliver a training and implementation program tailored to the unique clinical and workflow needs of your staff and healthcare providers. So you can make the most of your TELUS Health EMR, as quickly as possible.

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A successful EMR implementation lies in understanding your unique needs and creating an EMR implementation plan to address them. We take care to involve physicians and staff from start to finish, following a standard delivery model that's been tested through thousands of successful EMR implementations.

Initial Training

We start with a detailed understanding of the roles, responsibilities and workflows for your staff and healthcare provider team. Then, we build a training plan to ensure they will get the most from their TELUS Health EMR in the context of your practice. With the support of the TELUS Health training team, you can rest assured that your clinic’s training needs will be fully met.

EMR Conversion

Making the decision to move from one EMR solution to another can be difficult, but we know what it takes to make that conversion seamless. We'll work with you to design a conversion plan - as well as training and support services - to meet your needs and get you up and running on your TELUS Health EMR quickly.

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Advanced Training & Continuous Learning

Training isn't a one-time thing. As your workflow or practice needs evolve, you'll want to make the most of your EMR solution. Our wide menu of EMR training courses will support your continuous learning needs, whether you're looking for free webinars, online videos, user group meetings or customized training on advanced topics.

To learn more about events for TELUS Health EMR users, visit our Events section, consult the latest TELUS Health EMR newsletter, or consult the Community Portal for your TELUS Health EMR.

What our customers say

We like to collect feedback from our customers about our training, implementation and on our events. Here are just a few of their comments:

I also wanted to thank all of you for your time, effort, and patience with helping us make our data as safe, comprehensive and usable as possible. You are exceptional at what you do. This has been a huge implementation and your professionalism has been noticed by a lot of people keeping a close eye on how this project has unfolded.

Client feedback on a large complex implementation

I couldn't help but comment on the wonderful personalities of the TELUS employees. Always smiling, eager to please. Super personalities. Congratulations on the work you are all doing to improve health care in Canada. Thank you.

Client feedback