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TELUS Health offers a wide range of consulting services for clinics of all sizes, from large multi-disciplinary clinics to smaller local clinics. Our team of Health Business Consultants can help you realize the full value of your EMR, whether through improved workflows, optimized billing, or customized training.

We will help you take your TELUS Health EMR to the next level

Our portfolio includes the following services - but we also provide custom services to meet your unique needs.

*Service availability varies by province or territory; contact us to learn more about how we can help you advance your practice with your TELUS Health EMR

Chronic Disease Management

Chronic disease management optimization

Patients with chronic conditions require complex care plans. Our Health Business Consultants work with you and your clinic team to help simplify the management of patients with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, COPD, congestive heart failure, and mental health conditions, resulting in a more proactive approach to patient care, and improved patient outcomes.

Assistance can include configuring your EMR for the following:

  • Producing a list of patients diagnosed with a specific chronic disease
  • Tracking and managing important disease factors
  • Setting up automated reminders for recalling patients for overdue follow-up visits and tests
  • Viewing at-a-glance a patient's trends for disease-specific factors in relation to implemented treatments
  • Ensuring that any incentive payments associated with managing one or more chronic conditions are collected
Complex Project Management

Complex project management

The complex project management team supports all complex project needs, from assessment and requirements through to delivery, implementation and ongoing productivity improvements. The team will facilitate collaboration across all levels of stakeholders; clinicians, governments, research organizations, industry and executives and across the full range of TELUS Health products.

Complex project optimization can involve:

  • Detailed workflow analysis and the provision of practice consulting services
  • End to end training delivery with a fully documented training curriculum
  • Customized data conversion capabilities (all vendors, custom tools)
  • Change management services
  • Bundled telecommunication services
Billing Optimization

Billing optimization

Our Health Business Consultants will do a thorough assessment of your current billing-related activities and provide a recommendation for improving billing workflow, income to the clinic and use of the billing module within the TELUS Health EMR. The program will assist your billing staff to understand the importance of reconciling the entire billing file. Once your billing file has been reconciled, aged claims should be adjusted or written off to ensure your reports reconcile at the end of the month. In addition to training and billing file maintenance, our team will assist your clinic in finding missed revenue through incentive or complex billings, and we'll make sure to set you up so that you won't miss billings again.

Workflow Optimization

Workflow optimization

Our team of Health Business Consultants has years of experience in understanding clinical workflows. Using a multi-phased approach, we work with our customers to first understand their unique goals and objectives, kicking the project off with an in-depth assessment of the clinic's current state of EMR adoption and usage. Then, we produce a detailed process map that identifies recommended improvements in efficiency and utilization.

Putting a heavy emphasis on supporting team members through change and customized training ensures that the suggested improvements ultimately lead to improved clinical operations. A few of our recent Workflow Optimization projects include helping a clinic successfully introduce a walk-in component; streamlining a clinic's referral process; introducing encounter templates for a clinic's practitioners; and putting on a refresher course for a clinic's MOAs.

Technical Optimization

Technical optimization

Optimal hardware and networking infrastructure play a crucial role in a high-performance clinic. Our Health Business consultants ensure that your clinic hardware, networking, phone and peripheral devices (such as printers, fax, etc.) are fine-tuned to deliver a reliable and high performance EMR solution. This is an excellent choice for a clinic who may needs guidance in making replacement technology decisions or wants to improve efficiency and performance of existing systems.

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