Time to reflect on quality of care?

Outcome measurement is a fundamental principle for improving healthcare systems. Outcomes Dashboards from TELUS Health give clinicians and administrators the data visualization tools, clinical content and consulting and training services required for actionable insights to improve quality of care.

Helping physicians transform care through actionable insight

Designed to highlight actionable information, physicians can drill down on the data presented in the Physician Dashboard to generate patient lists by condition, create recall lists, or to better understand the profile of patients over time. The combination of the TELUS Health EMR and the Physician Dashboard gives physicians and clinic administrators the power to engage in data-driven conversations about data quality, patient engagement levels and truly exploit the power of guideline-based tools in their EMR.

Helping health improvement organizations initiate clinical improvements

TELUS consults with provinces, disease-focused organizations, academic bodies and family health teams to sponsor, design, deploy and measure the impact of clinical improvement programs. The approach has been used for managing various chronic conditions such as diabetes and congestive heart failure as well as for chronic pain management, end-of-life care and cancer screening.

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