Is your equipment enhancing your practice?

Is your clinic hardware helping or hindering you in your practice? TELUS Health offers complete solutions for the clinic, including all hardware equipment, installation and support services optimized for your EMR and your practice. While TELUS takes care of all your technology requirements, you can concentrate on delivering great patient experiences and better care.

TELUS is your choice for hardware

Choosing TELUS Health as your hardware provider enables you to:

  • Leverage an integrated solution that complements your EMR for an optimized medical practice and unique service experience;
  • Enjoy the peace of mind of a turnkey service where our experts take care of implementing your IT assets from start to finish;
  • Opt for a premier partner with proven expertise and financial stability;
  • Benefit from the best range of equipment tailored to your practice and specialty.

We help you make the best decisions for your clinic

Our services include:

  • Complimentary analysis of your IT needs
  • Selection of hardware equipment optimized for your EMR
  • Equipment installation by a certified technician

What our customers say

When technical difficulties arise, clinic staff can now count on an efficient team of certified CSA technicians who are committed to customer service.

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