Thinking about changing your EMR?

Our EMR conversion programs minimize the worry and disruption that a change in EMR can bring. We’ve helped hundreds of clinics make the move, and supported them with the personalized implementation, conversion, and training plans required to make their move a smooth one. Our EMR conversion team and tools are second to none, and we look forward to sharing our experience – and all that TELUS Health has to offer – with you.

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Achieve your best within your practice

We know that making the decision to move from one EMR solution to another is a difficult one, but TELUS Health knows what it takes to make the conversion seamless. We work with you to understand your practice, and together we'll design a conversion plan - as well as training and support services - to meet your needs.

Our experience

TELUS Health experience with data migrations is extensive, having:

  • Imported full clinical data on 1.5M charts, from 16 different source EMRs (and counting)
  • Converted and cleansed large volumes of EMR data with proprietary tools and proven success in converting data beyond the basic specifications.

Our approach

We use a personalized approach to each migration project, including a comprehensive review of your data before the migration begins.

  • Our migration process ensures you see what the results of the chart migration will be before it is completed, giving you an opportunity to request modifications to support your charting practices.
  • We review the data quality with you during testing, when we can identify gaps or other potential issues.
  • Finally, we allow you to review and approve the final result in a test environment - prior to complete migration - eliminating surprises which could cause issues later on.

What our customers say

I wanted to let you know that I love the system. Despite the learning curve switching from one EMR to another, I am glad I did it. I think I have two more hours a day to myself because it is far quicker to get through all the work I have to do on my computer. It's a real joy to use it.

Client feedback from a physician switching from one EMR to a TELUS Health EMR