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Your requirements, your people, your clinic - everything changes over time. Whether you're looking to optimize your billing, clean up your patient data, or rely on the advanced decision support tools in your EMR to look after your patients with chronic diseases, we have the expertise to help you realize your goals.

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Data conversion services

Considering a move from one EMR solution to another, but don't know how to go about it? Let us be your guide. Together, we'll design a conversion plan and provide you with the support and training you need to achieve your goals.

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Hardware solutions

Concentrating on delivering better care is your main priority? Why not let us take care of all your technology needs. With our complete solutions for clinics, all your hardware equipment, installation and support needs are covered, letting you focus on what's important to you.

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Practice optimization services

Looking to take your TELUS Health EMR to the next level? We can help you every step of the way, whether it's time to focus on increasing the efficiency of your practice, maximize your billings, or leverage your EMR to better manage patients with chronic diseases.

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Outcome services

Seeking ways to measure and improve care efficiency and quality within your own clinic or a family of clinics? Look no further. Our comprehensive range of products and services can help you advance your objectives and establish continuing capability for improvement.

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Building Custom Forms

Custom forms allow your clinic to seamlessly integrate your existing processes with your TELUS EMR. We create these forms for both EMR customers and healthcare service providers: hospitals, health authorities and private third-party companies like labs and diagnostic imaging companies.

If you use a TELUS EMR, customized forms are one of the key benefits – in fact when we implemented your EMR, we likely designed a number of forms for you. In most EMRs, these are easily edited by EMR customers themselves. Or if you prefer, we can create or update forms by request.

If you are a hospital, health authority or private third-party company, publishing or updating your form in our system allows you to capture the information you need from clinics and other health care professionals, in a way that easily integrates with your system.

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What our customers say

TELUS Health has helped our clinic grow from a walk-in clinic to supporting a family practice. Through the various projects we've completed with the Practice Consulting team we've seen measurable impact on the efficiency of our operations. Given the return on investment I'd highly recommend their services, and we continue to look for ways to leverage them as we optimize our practice.

Peggy Aitken,
Clinic Manager, Kootenay Lake Medical Clinic

The TELUS Health team would make practical, workable suggestions about maximizing system use, real expert knowledge that should result in immense savings for South Calgary Primary Care Network.

Oliver Schmid (PhD),
Director of Evaluation and Business Informatics at South Calgary Primary Care Network