Electronic Health Records (EHR)

ehr jeff barkun

Dr. Jeff Barkun

Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Specialist and Transplantation Surgeon, McGill University Health Centre


 OACIS has really ushered in a major change at every level. It's truly among the most powerful medical advances I have seen. I say this because I see information technology and electronic records as a generic tool applicable to all patients for the purpose of improving care. ... This is much more than a software program. Rather, it's a new way of thinking; a very profound cultural shift which truly benefits the patient and clinicians as well. 

ehr michel claveau

Dr. Michel Claveau

Physician-champion of the CIS Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean health and social services agency


 I can read the lab results and the radiology and pharmacy reports. I can even call up the x-ray results, so I can review them with patients. Sometimes they come to my office and say 'Doctor, I went for blood tests yesterday, but I don't think you have the results yet.' That's not true; with our information systems, I receive the results immediately. Patients appreciate this type of efficiency. 

ehr daniel fournier

Daniel Fournier

Occupational Therapist, CSSS de la Montagne


 Now, we have direct real-time access to information before we visit our client, and we can gather information we would not normally have following a service request. Now, I can retrieve my progress notes as well as those of all my colleagues. ... OACIS enables us to see every event the client has experienced as well as their hospital stays. 

ehr luc valiquette

Dr. Luc Valiquette

Urology Surgery Specialist, Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal


 With OACIS, we now have access to all of the patient's data. The information is complete, always available, and accessible by multiple users simultaneously. So several patients and several clinicians can benefit from the system, all at the same time. 


Dr. Glen Geiger

Chief Medical Information Officer, The Ottawa Hospital


 The TELUS healthcare solutions that we've been offered have really made it easier to look after patients. With our mobile technology, information is available as you walk around, so you don't go back and forth from place to place. You just make your rounds, go from one patient to the next, and you're able to bring the information with you. 

ehr mike barron

Mike Barron

President & CEO, Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Health Information

Drug Information System

 The ultimate benefit of an electronic health record is the provision of more timely and more complete information for providing patient care. The other major benefit of the electronic health record is that it can actually contribute to reducing costs associated with healthcare delivery through the reduction of duplicate testing that occurs right now around the province. 

ehr jacob buote

Jacob Buote

Pharmacist, user of the HEALTHe NL

Drug Information System

 Having access to the pharmacy network improves patient safety and care because it offers clinicians, pharmacists, nurses and doctors the ability to see a full profile of the medications that a patient is on. In addition to that, it allows those same clinicians to see such things as drug allergies and important clinical notes that other clinicians have provided ... We're able to make better clinical decisions based on the information that we have. 

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