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How it works

TELUS iScheduler offers five comprehensive modules that can either stand alone or integrate seamlessly to form a powerful scheduling platform. These modules include the Referral Manager, the Telehealth Manager, the Enterprise Scheduling Manager, the Waitlist Manager, and the Organ Case Manager.

Referral Manager

Offers organizations the ability to better manage referrals – both in and out of healthcare facilities – by removing organizational and clinical silos. The solution can also be configured with referral protocols, associated communication templates and triggers, as well as care pathways used by healthcare organizations, to ensure compliance with the right forms, guidelines and procedures.

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Telehealth Manager

Enables critical health information – including digital images and patient records – to be shared and stored during telemedicine (clinician-to-clinician) or Telehealth (clinician-to-patient) sessions, providing organizations with access to the data needed, when it’s needed.

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Enterprise Scheduling Manager

Schedules patients and corresponding medical facilities, rooms, clinics, theatres and beds using a seamless process that improves communication across the continuum of care. With “any-to-any” booking functionality, managers, clinicians and administrators can review all available appointments before scheduling patient tests and procedures, allowing for maximum flexibility and shorter wait times.

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Waitlist Manager

Allows organizations to better manage wait times, waitlists and waitlist reports by generating a unique patient record for each entry, before compiling all essential elements of the waitlist process into a single point of reference that can be updated and managed in real-time.

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Organ Case Manager

Gives organ procurement organizations an intuitive solution to best manage the complex and time-sensitive organ recovery and transplant process. Clinicians can create, update and share a complete digital donor record in one centralized registry in order to make accurate and timely decisions regarding the suitability and placement of an organ.


Improved access to care

Improves access to care by increasing connectivity for health providers located outside the hospital

Improved access to care


Interoperability between regions, provinces, across Canada and beyond


A fully scalable platform

A fully scalable platform that can support a single website up to multiple activities across many departments

A fully scalable platform

Improved productivity

Improves productivity by automating tasks to avoid duplication and input errors, resulting in significant operational efficiencies

Improved productivity

Seamless, one-stop scheduling

Seamless, one-stop scheduling for different providers across the health system

Seamless, one-stop scheduling

Fully compliant

A solution that is fully compliant with Canada Health Infoway standards

Fully compliant

Latest Thinking

Technological partners

TELUS iScheduler is powered by Eceptionist Inc., a leading provider of software solutions for the healthcare industry. This world-class system is exclusive to TELUS. Eceptionist is the only commercial vendor listed by Canada Health Infoway on its telehealth scheduler Vendor of Record (VoR).

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