Electronic Health Records (EHR)


How it works

Without the Drug Information System

Without the Drug Information System, physicians only have access to information on medications they alone have prescribed, as well as details provided by the patient.

In advanced settings, where multiple physicians treating a patient access and update a common electronic medical record, medications prescribed outside the organization still may be missing – making it challenging to provide comprehensive care.

Pharmacists can face even greater challenges as they typically only have access to the medications dispensed at their specific pharmacy.

With the Drug Information System

The Drug Information System sets out to close those gaps, providing a single repository of all the drugs that have been prescribed, regardless of prescriber or dispensing site, for all patients. In the database, each patient profile also includes information on allergies, intolerances, vaccinations and contraindications – as well as pertinent clinical observations.The TELUS Drug Information System is powered by the Catamaran Corporation.

An accurate medication profile

With the the Drug Information System, healthcare professionals can see an accurate medication profile for a patient anytime, anywhere, providing access to:

  • Prescription information from physicians;
  • Prescription dispensing information from pharmacies;
  • Drug-to-drug interaction alerts to avoid prescriptions that conflict; and,
  • A database of all available drugs and their common dosages.


Fewer adverse drug interactions

Fewer adverse drug interactions and more comprehensive patient care

Fewer adverse drug interactions

Increased productivity

Increased productivity for pharmacists and prescribers through less frequent calls to doctors to check prescriptions

Increased productivity

Improved medication compliance

Improved medication compliance as patients interacting with pharmacists are more likely to take medications as prescribed

Improved medication compliance

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