Electronic Health Records (EHR)


How it works

Secure sharing

Securely sharing patient health data can be tough – but easy, quick access to vital information can make all the difference in patient care. This means not only having applications available to electronically share critical patient information, but also a reliable infrastructure to support all of those tools.

The backbone of EHRs

Providing the functionality of the Health Information Access Layer (HIAL) as defined by Canada Health Infoway – the backbone of EHRs – the TELUS Health Integration Platform enables patient data to be appropriately shared between providers and across care settings.

Key HIAL services include:

  • communications services
  • consent and terminology services
  • orchestration services
  • EHR Index

Managing interactions

Architected and built by TELUS, the platform manages interactions between clinical systems, such as pharmacy management systems, hospital information systems, physicians, and Electronic Medical Records (EMR), provincial repositories, such as drug, lab, and shared health records, and provincial registries, such as client, provider, location and user.

One set of messaging interfaces

Through a service-oriented architecture, the platform seamlessly links disparate eHealth systems together so they can easily exchange information through one set of messaging interfaces. With this standards-based approach, the platform connects EHR domains and registries while ensuring the security and privacy of patient information.

Built for flexibility

Fully configurable and extensible, TELUS Health Integration Platform supports both current and future medical systems that benefit from being connected to EHRs, such as labs, hospitals, pharmacy management software and EMR software.


Rapid flow of information

The solution enables a rapid flow of information to different care settings (practices, organizations, regions and provinces) and the information sharing is orchestrated according to a predetermined but configurable workflow.

Rapid flow of information

Secure connection & guaranteed message delivery

The solution securely connects all systems involved in EHRs, including registries, data warehouses, repositories, clinical systems and points-of-service. It also provides guaranteed delivery of messages between components and users through a standard set of interfaces.

Secure connection & guaranteed message delivery

Consent & access authorization management

The solution provides consent management services for the sharing of patient health information, as well as supports authorization and authentication of users and applications.

Consent & access authorization management

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