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Provincial health authorities

To increase efficiencies, choose an Electronic Health Record that provides a real-time, secure, electronic way for healthcare professionals to access and share a centralized patient file.

Provincial health authorities

Regional health authorities

TELUS solutions offer the capacity to consolidate and centralize patient information to facilitate collaboration between healthcare professionals throughout the continuum of care.

Regional health authorities

Healthcare professionals

To help them take the right decisions for their patients, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals access a unique patient file that includes all the required clinical information, in one place.

Healthcare professionals

Clinical managers

Organisations and their clinical activity managers can benefit from simplified access and increased visibility, allowing for a more efficient coordination of time, people and resources.

Clinical managers

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healthcare professionals using OACIS and TELUS Health Integration Platform


clinicians using OACIS in Quebec


healthcare organizations using OACIS


provinces using TELUS iScheduler

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ehr jeff barkun

  OACIS has really ushered in a major change at every level. It's truly among the most powerful medical advances I have seen. I say this because I see information technology and electronic records as a generic tool applicable to all patients for the purpose of improving care. ... This is much more than a software program. Rather, it's a new way of thinking; a very profound cultural shift which truly benefits the patient and clinicians as well.  

Dr. Jeff Barkun
Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Specialist and Transplantation Surgeon, McGill University Health Centre

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